Club Committee Positions

The Keyworth Archers club committee is elected / re-elected each year at the Annual General meeting (AGM), held in February/March.

All committee positions become vacant at the AGM, so every position is up for grabs. We encourage all of our members to consider taking up a committee position at some point - the more members are willing to contibute to the running of the club, the better!

Committee Members


Ultimate responsibility for running the club; leads meetings of the Committee, and acts as a spokesperson for the club.


Organises committee meetings and produces meeting minutes. First point of contact at the club, dealing with (among other things) enquiries from people interested in taking up archery or joining the club. The secretary handles correspondence with other clubs and Archery GB, and helps to keep members informed about the club and its activities.


The treasurer is responsible for maintaining control of club's finances, and is responsible for authorising major expenditures. They also prepare accounts for audit at the end of each year.

Ordinary Members of the Committee x 2

Two members who represent the interests of club members at committee meetings.

Membership Secretary

Maintains records of club members. Manages Archery GB memberships and County and Regional affiliations.

Child (and Vulnerable Adult) Protection Officer

Responsible for ensuring the Club follows its own welfare policies, and those of Archery GB. This person will normally have completed a DBS check and some form of safeguarding course. They should ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place, and help to identify any shortcomings. Co-ordinates action if there is a concern for the welfare of any child or vulnerable adult member of the club.

Records and Tournament Officer

Keeps score records for any member who wishes to submit scores and obtain a handicap (using database software). Also organises and oversees competitions held within the club. Issues progress badges and classification awards.

Equipment Officer

Maintains the Club's equipment to a safe and reliable standard. Responsible for maintaining: bows, arrows, targets and stands, equipment trailer, etc. Advises on new equipment purchases. Assists members with their own equipment as required.

Social Secretary

Organises social events for the club.