About Keyworth Archers


We formed Keyworth Archers at the end of 2012. Assistance in setting up the club was provided by the Nottinghamshire Archery Society, Councillor John Cottee, and Archery GB. Getting the club up and running quickly meant bringing in experience from other clubs; Dave Seymour and Mike Thomason provided invaluable help as coaches in the club's first year.

Since then, the club has grown to a fairly stable size of around 40 members, and we have both Level 1 and Level 2 coaches. The age range in our club runs from 10 to over 70.


The club's aims are:

  1. To introduce people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to the sport of archery, and to provide coaching and support to archers as they progress.
  2. To provide a supportive, friendly, fun atmosphere where all members feel comfortable.
  3. To be responsive to the ideas, ambitions and concerns of our members, and to give members as much of a voice as possible in the running of the club.


Keyworth Archers is a friendly community archery club that is particularly welcoming to new archers. We try to be supportive of our members' aims, whether they are to shoot competitively, to socialise, or just to relax with a bit of archery after a busy week. Archers who wish to develop their skills can take advantage of the free coaching we offer. We hold a couple of social events each year, and meet for archery in Keyworth two or three times a week.